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Cook Smarter, Not Harder With Your Air Fryer!


The Ultimate Air Fryer Cookbook & Guide (eBook)

Discover new and exciting recipes that are delicious and crispy without the added calories of deep frying!

Save time and effort with quick and easy air fryer recipes that will impress your friends and family!

Achieve your weight loss goals with healthy and satisfying meals cooked in your air fryer!

Get The Ultimate Air Fryer Cookbook & Guide (eBook) Now!

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I'm Dr. Sonali Ruder

I am a board-certified Emergency Medicine doctor, classically trained chef, cookbook author, and founder of the popular website

After years of treating patients in the ER, I got tired of simply writing prescriptions and became more interested in how we can prevent disease with proper diet and lifestyle choices. That passion led me to culinary school where I learned how to create delicious AND healthy dishes that are full of flavor!

My unique background allows me to use my nutritional knowledge and culinary skills to help people make food choices that maximize their health and wellness.

My goal is to give people the confidence and tools to get in the kitchen and take control of their health. And now, with the air fryer, delicious and healthy food can be easier than ever to prepare! Say goodbye to unhealthy takeout with these satisfying and guilt-free homemade recipes.


As a person who has still not unboxed her air fryer, reading all the information, charts, conversion tables, and tips in this book has definitely made the appliance seem less intimidating! The beautiful pictures and step-by-step instructions in the recipes are excellent and useful!


Get The Ultimate Air Fryer Cookbook & Guide (eBook) Now!



The Ultimate Air Fryer Cookbook & Guide (eBook)

  • 35 crave-worthy, healthy recipes to make in your air fryer from tasty breakfasts to fun appetizers, hearty main dishes, sides, and even dessert
  • Full nutritional information with every recipe
  • Comprehensive guide with everything you need to know about how to use your air fryer
  • How air fryers can help you eat healthier and achieve your weight loss goals by slashing calories and fat
  • How air frying can save you tons of time, money, and effort in the kitchen
  • How to convert any recipe from the oven to the air fryer
  • FREE Bonus air fryer cooking time guides (cheat sheets) for veggies, frozen foods, poultry, and meat

Get The Ultimate Air Fryer Cookbook & Guide (eBook) Now!